ALAC 2016 | Alison O’Daniel: Centennial Marching Band Forwards, Backwards, Pause, Silent

January 28, 2016

Alison O’Daniel’s collaborative work with Centennial High School’s marching band performs through the aisles of opening night

Alison O’Daniel presents Centennial Marching Band Forwards, Backwards, Pause, Silent, her collaboration with the marching band from Centennial High School, Compton. The band performs a song that is constructed and deconstructed in real time based on marching formations, speeds, and the space constraints of Art Los Angeles Contemporary. The collaboration is part of The Tuba Thieves, the artist’s ongoing response to a rash of tuba thefts from local high schools.

Organized by JOAN, a not-for-profit space for screenings, performances, solo projects, and vitrine shows, with a focus on emerging and under-recognized artists. JOAN is co-founded by Summer Guthery, Gladys-Katherina Hernando, and Rebecca Matalon.

Centennial Marching Band Forwards, Backwards, Pause, Silent was part of Conversations With Myself, a series of talks, lectures, and performances curated by Marc LeBlanc for ALAC 2016.


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