ALAC 2016 | Kenneth Anger

January 30, 2016

Kenneth Anger shares stories from a creative career spanning over six decades

Kenneth Anger is lauded as an influential experimental filmmaker, actor, and author of the infamous Hollywood Babylon gossip books. His films, which include Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954) and Scorpio Rising (1964), have inspired cineastes, filmmakers, and artists alike and laid the groundwork for many channels of contemporary visual culture. As part of the debut of his new gallery project Lucifer Brothers Workshop, Anger shares stories from a career spanning over six decades, with special regard to how Thelema, the religion developed by Aleister Crowley, has shaped his oeuvre.

Kenneth Anger’s talk was part of Conversations With Myself, a series of talks, lectures, and performances curated by Marc LeBlanc for ALAC 2016.


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