ALAC 2016 | Unfriend Me

January 30, 2016

Charlie White and Amanda Ross-Ho discuss the internet and social media's effects on art-making, language, sexuality, and our notions of self

Charlie White, the acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and professor of fine art at the University of Southern California, and artist Amanda Ross-Ho, whose work in collage, photography, and large-scale sculpture has helped to define her generation’s visual vernacular, have a candid conversation about the internet and social media’s indiscriminate effects on art-making, language, sexuality, and our notions of self. From the jpeg to Jstor, 4chan to Instagram, pornhub to github, and Tor to Tinder, White and Ross-Ho will discuss the radical shift in culture caused by early forms of digital and online communication, bringing us through to the dataization of the internet’s social conditioning platforms, and the loss of anonymity due to self-surveilling mobile applications.

Unfriend Me was part of Conversations With Myself, a series of talks, lectures, and performances curated by Marc LeBlanc for ALAC 2016.


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