ALAC 2016 | Built To Last: Artist-Run LA

January 29, 2016

Jon Pylypchuk, Brian Getnick, Adam D. Miller, Devon Oder, and Travis Diehl discuss what it means to live and work in LA as an artist

Los Angeles is uniquely suitable for artist-run spaces. More are born each year, and in many ways these sites for experimentation and growth are integral in defining what it means to live and work in this city as an artist. This conversation draws together artist-owners to discuss how they develop their unique exhibition programs, the advantages and challenges of owning these spaces, and the role of these spaces in the city’s art community today.

Jon Pylypchuk, artist, co-founder of Grice Bench Brian Getnick, artist, director of PAM Residencies Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder, artists, co-founders of The Pit Moderated by Travis Diehl, editor of Prism of Reality

Built to Last: Artist-Run LA was part of Conversations With Myself, a series of talks, lectures, and performances curated by Marc LeBlanc for ALAC 2016.


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