Media Coverage 2016

Terremoto : Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Week 2016

February 12, 2016

Despite wild growth as regards the commercial apparatus, LA fairs maintain that rare charm of disinterest, the return to human scale, the idea you can focus on a few cubicles and on one or another artwork, although naturally these thoughts are only present in my head.

KCET Artbound : Are Art Fairs Necessary?

February 4, 2016

Art is big business, and more and more often, that business is being done at art fairs. The first modern and contemporary fair, the Kunstmarkt Köln was held in 1967, as an attempt to breathe life into a waning art market. Since then, there has been a steady increase in the number of art fairs around the world, leading to an explosion in the past 10 years.

Artforum : Ooh LA LA

February 3, 2016

There was a strong contingent from across other waters—Düsseldorf’s Kadel Willborn brought all Barbara Kasten photographs, Rome-based Monitor showed mysterious ink-on-canvas works by Ian Tweedy and lovely collages by Tomaso de Luca, and Galerie Christian Lethert from Cologne presented just-so minimal watercolor and chalk drawings on paper, by Henrik Eiben—but the LA galleries were on their home turf and had ample evidence of the health of contemporary art in this town.

SFAQ : One, Two, Three Up: Alison O'Daniel's Centennial Marching Band Forwards, Backwards, Pause, Silent

February 2, 2016

Into the lobby of Art Los Angeles Contemporary a trail of majorettes quietly entered. A sea of glimmering red costumes dispersed amongst the crowd with practice notes while murmured conversation emitted from the scattered marching band. Once finally settled in the center of the room with booming base drums, brass timbre, and choreographed batons, the audience cohered around the sonic vision of Alison O’Daniel.

LA Weekly : A Compton Marching Band Took Over Art Los Angeles Contemporary And It Was Awesome

January 30, 2016

Every year, someone performs at the fair’s opening — a conceptual art magic show, a gender-bending cabaret-style routine. But this performance generated more immediate pleasure than usual. Most likely this had to do with the energy of the musicians, who didn’t have any agenda other than to navigate this unfamiliar space as expertly as possible.

Art Observed : Los Angeles — Art Los Angeles Contemporary Evening Preview, January 28th, 2016

January 30, 2016

Art Los Angeles Contemporary opened its doors this past evening at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, bringing the city’s art scene, as well as many from New York, London and further afield to the sunny haze of the California metropolis.

Artspace : Collectors Susan and Michael Hort's Picks From Art Los Angeles Contemporary and Beyond

January 30, 2016

The collectors and philanthropists Susan and Michael Hort are back with a fresh set of picks from Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Paramount Ranch, and nearby galleries and studios. As always, their taste tends towards bold statements and new talent—these are young artists you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Wallpaper* : Modern master: Charles Hollis Jones' lucite furniture works its magic in LA

January 29, 2016

In his six-decade career, Charles Hollis Jones has designed pieces for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tennessee Williams and Dean Martin, who had Jones make a director’s chair for his show. During the opening for Art Los Angeles Contemporary, the furniture designer sat perched atop the Dean Martin Director’s Chair—'See the D?' he asked, pointing to the foot rest—holding court at booth F7, where the Detroit- and Miami-based Michael Jon Gallery presented a solo exhibit of his work.

Blouin Artinfo : Death Metal, Cocaine, Mouse Strippers: Inside Art Los Angeles Contemporary

January 29, 2016

With a nicely curated roster of galleries, Art Los Angeles Contemporary opened its 7th edition last night. One can see a fairly wide variety of things in the spacious belly of the Barker Hangar, from death-metal-inspired video art to photorealist drawings of George W. Bush snorting cocaine.

Artnet : See Inside Art Los Angeles Contemporary's Packed VIP Opening Night

January 29, 2016

"The larger art world is recognizing what Los Angeles knows: LA has an interconnected art market with world-class galleries, artists and museums, with a sophisticated collector base to support it."

Artsy : As Mega-Galleries Descend on L.A., ALAC Warms Locals to Collecting Art

January 29, 2016

ALAC is the next stop for collectors after Art Basel in Miami Beach. It isn’t as labyrinthine as ABMB, nor is it as much of a worldwide phenomenon. But it’s become a must-attend event for international collectors seeking work by a variety of L.A. artists, as well as Angeleno collectors who want to peruse the work of artists from around the world without having to leave their city.

Artspace : 7 of the Best Artworks at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

January 29, 2016

With Tinseltown's heaviest-hitting art fair returning for its latest edition, presenting the collectors of one of the world's most speculated-upon (and speculated-about) art scenes with wares ranging from upper-emerging to lower-blue-chip, we canvassed the terrain for works that caught our eye.

Artillery : Various Small Fires - Art Los Angeles Contemporary, 2016

January 29, 2016

Art fairs might just be the hallmark of waning western civilization – the sunset of this geologic age as we head into the full-on Anthropocene. We certainly don’t need most of this stuff. But, as Lear in his pathetic wisdom might put it, ‘reason not the need.’ It’s what we want and richly deserve.

The Guardian : Kenneth Anger: 'The occult never quite goes away'

January 29, 2016

Kenneth Anger debuts a new gallery project at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair.

Whitewall : Tim Fleming Talks Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

January 27, 2016

A manifest destiny feeling has been recently spreading amongst young artists and it seems that Los Angeles is becoming the place of choice for young artists and galleries to start their careers.

The Argonaut : Art off the Press

January 27, 2016

Art fairs are typically events where the primary objective is to see art and be seen appreciating and collecting it, but visitors to this week’s Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) can also pick up some first-rate reading material.

artnet : Is Art Los Angeles Contemporary the West Coast's "It" Fair?

January 26, 2016

While other LA art fairs have struggled to plant roots and build meaningful year-to-year momentum here, Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC), now in its seventh year, continues to forge ahead with an eclectic roster of contemporary galleries and an increasingly lively schedule of talks, performances and events that reflects the city's fast-growing, dynamic art scene.

NBC Los Angeles : Big Art: Art Los Angeles Contemporary

January 25, 2016

The first month of the year happens to be Art Month, and one of the biggest to-dos is often saved for last. That's Art Los Angeles Contemporary, a multi-gallery gathering that's so large that it lands at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

The Observer : 5 Must-See Booths at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair

January 25, 2016

ALAC (Art Los Angeles Contemporary) has been considered the premiere west coast art fair for a few years now, and the quality at the 2016 edition should be as high as it’s ever been. While every booth looks strong, we’ve highlighted five essential booths that you absolutely need to see.

Blouin Artinfo : The City of Angels in a Starring Role

January 25, 2016

As Art Los Angeles Contemporary opens its seventh edition on January 28, and satellite fairs grow in number and ambition, Art+Auction checked in with three of the city’s formative art figures.

ArtSlant : Editors' Picks: Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

January 25, 2016

Art Los Angeles Contemporary opens this week—arguably the West Coast's key commercial event for the year, especially for local galleries who feature heavily in the line-up.

Independent Collectors : Collectors Agenda USA

January 25, 2016

Even though just under ten years old, Art Los Angeles Contemporary is already firmly cemented in the Los Angeles art calendar and finding its place in the larger scale of the art world.

The Hollywood Reporter : How to Get Invited to Cheech Marin's House

January 22, 2016

Art Los Angeles Contemporary offers a tour of the actor's collection of Chicano works as several art fairs paint the town and draw thousands of culture seekers.

Artsy : Ahead of ALAC, How Los Angeles Is Fostering the Next Generation of Emerging Artists

January 20, 2016

ALAC, though expansive, is locally grounded, with 25 of its 73 exhibitor booths occupied by Los Angeles-based galleries. This year the fair will also include a section called Freeways, for emerging galleries under four years old, and and another devoted to independent publishing.

Artsy : Los Angeles’s Must-See Galleries, Museums, and Art-World Watering Holes

January 19, 2016

Over the past seven years, Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) has galvanized the city’s diverse cohort of neighborhoods at the end of January. To coincide with the art fair, blockbuster shows, performances, galas, and openings by ace artists transpire around the city, coming together informally as “L.A. art week.”

Huffington Post : The Best Art to See in L.A. This January

January 7, 2016

January not only brings an onslaught of award shows to Los Angeles, but a number of phenomenal art events, ranging from exhibits in tiny spaces, to epic art shows in places like Barker Hangar.

ARTnews : Here is the Exhibitor List for Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

November 10, 2015

The Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair hits Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar for its seventh edition in late January. The fair’s exhibitor list, released to ARTnews, features new additions from New York, London, Berlin, and elsewhere, and announces new sections for the fair, including ones devoted to art publishing.