Media Coverage 2012

Departures : Buying Art on the Internet

March 1, 2012

Paddle8... has also partnered with the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and the Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) fairs to create private online preview sales... : Growth Spurts LOS ANGELES

January 27, 2012

“LOS ANGELES IS POTENTIAL,” said dealer Thomas Duncan. It was the first weekend of his new gallery as well as his first fair, Art Los Angeles Contemporary.

LA Weekly : Why Do They Make People Uncomfortable

January 24, 2012

Since starting his fair in 2010, Fleming has wanted to host an event that's decidedly cultural, where commerce is key but downplayed.

LA Weekly : A Dry Ice Sculpture That Pokes Fun at Our Obsession with Shopping

January 24, 2012

Sure, if you arrived at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2012 after seven last Thursday night, when the opening party ended, you had to lay down cash for your drinks. But outside, in the parking lot, the ice -- actually the dry ice -- was free.

New York Observer : They Love L.A.: Why New York Dealers Do an Art Fair in Tinseltown

January 20, 2012

And while this may have been only Day One for the 2012 show, in the scheme of West Coast art fairs, Art L.A. Contemporary comes out the winner in all categories—beauty, content and intellect. : Disappearing into cultural Los Angeles

December 2, 2011

The LA Opera, directed by world-renowned tenor Placido Domingo, art fair Art Los Angeles Contemporary and LA Fashion Week are all helping cement the city's identity as one of the US's major cultural hubs -- and that's before mentioning its number one industry, Hollywood.

LA Weekly : Judy Chicago’s Upcoming Disappearing Environments: How Do You Make Art Out of Gigantic Pyramids of Dry Ice?

October 24, 2011

In January, Chicago and twenty-four volunteers will perform the work for the opening of the Performance and Public Art Festival -- the centerpiece of the Pacific Standard Time mega-fest -- at the annual Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair at Barker Hanger.