ALAC Programming for 2017

November 23, 2016

Participants include William Basinski, Puppies Puppies, Jasmine Nyende and Roger Corman

Art Los Angeles Contemporary is pleased to announce its programming schedule entitled ANYTHING YOU SOW for the 2017 edition of the fair. Each year, ALAC invites artists, curators and critics to illuminate essential aspects of artmaking in Los Angeles. The programming this year builds upon the fair’s tradition of showcasing unparalleled perspectives on new movements of contemporary art. Spanning performance, sound work, screenings and talks, the program for this year’s fair centers on the notion of the archive and its continuing appropriation within new artwork.

Participating artists include William Basinski, Jasmine Nyende, Pat O’Neill, Rick Prelinger, Huang Rui, Puppies Puppies and Roger Corman with Mary Woronov in conversation with Kate Wolf and Courtney Stevens of VEGGIECLOUD.

“This program is premised on the fair’s theater being a site dedicated to the present and the new within the prismatic reverberations of the past,” says Marc LeBlanc, Curator of Programming for Art Los Angeles Contemporary. “From William Basinski’s manipulation of previously recorded audio in his Disintegration Loops, Roger Corman’s prolific career as an independent producer and filmmaker, to Puppies Puppies’ use of mass market and readymade consumer products, the programming understands the notion of Los Angeles as a city whose newness is contingent upon a constant retelling of the past. A constant re-run of the same sequences within ever-glossier and dissonant new mediums.”

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