ALAC 2016 | Love and Truth

January 31, 2016

Jibz Cameron, Kevin McGarry, Andrew Norman Wilson, and Travis Diehl discuss truth and its relation to art

What does truth have to do with art? For artists working within the parameters of cultural, financial, and social institutions, truth risks reprisal from the very structures that make their art possible. Yet this truth from below, or criticism from within, is also an act of love. In this panel discussion, artists and writers alike discuss their experiences with "productive antagonism" ranging from agitating for fair compensation to sparring with hosts at jobs, residencies, and art fairs. Now more than ever, a progressive discourse demands nothing less.

Jibz Cameron, artist Kevin McGarry, writer Andrew Norman Wilson, artist and writer Moderated by Travis Diehl, editor of Prism of Reality

Presented by KCRW.

Love and Truth was part of Conversations With Myself, a series of talks, lectures, and performances curated by Marc LeBlanc for ALAC 2016.


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