Lazy Boy Installation at ALAC 2015

January 27, 2015

At the fair entrance is Wrinkle Decker’s Lazy Boy, an economic play on heroic sculpture.

The artists, Michael Decker and Aaron Wrinkle, view him as a kind of Thoreau-ian figure, a stand-in for their own pondering of nature, humanity and contemporary art. The sculpture borrows its form from a shelf-sized bronze thrift store sculpture by an unknown artist. The sculpture’s patina is a mixture of wood glue and dirt retrieved from Highland Park, where the artists lived, made, and first exhibited the work.

A very special thanks to artist Daniel Hope in fabrication assistance.

Lazy Boy

Wrinkle Decker, Lazy Boy, 2014; photo credit: Gina Clyne; special thanks to Daniel Hope in fabrication assistance.

Lazy Boy

Wrinkle Decker, Lazy Boy, 2014; photo credit: Max Schwartz; special thanks to Daniel Hope in fabrication assistance.


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