The Pit

Booth B15

918 Ruberta Ave
Glendale, CA 91201



Adam Miller, Owner
Devon Oder, Owner
Corrina Peipon, Director
Shaun Johnson, Gallery Associate


Keith Boadwee Erik Frydenborg Nick Kramer Allison Miller Florian Morlat Adrianne Rubenstein Nora Shields*

The Pit

Nora Shields, Black / White Painting 2
2016; Mixed Media; Dimensions Vary

The Pit

Tony Marsh, Crucible / Crystal Series
2017; Glazed ceramic; 12 x 18½ x 18¼ in; Photo: Jeff McLane

The Pit

Heather Rasmussen, Untitled (Holding leg over chair with mirror)
2017; Pigment print; 30 x 40 in