Gallery Reception

Mike Lee: Sunny Days

Gallery Reception : Saturday, February 15, 4–7pm
Continuing : February 16 – March 29

Over the Influence

833 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Through a series of new and original multimedia works, Mike Lee reimagines his adolescence into a surreal play-land rendi7on of his youth. From physical spaces, to solemn moments of introspection, he reflects on mundane moments of his childhood spent in Southern California. The sequence of rooms navigates through various stages of his upbringing with each space confronting specific memories. As the author of his surreal retelling, the artist takes creative license with the narrative, embellishing the story with happier alternatives to offset an underlying sadness. While some are whimsical fantasies, Sunny Days wrestles honestly between the melancholy of memory and idyllic dreamlike possibilities.


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