Video Installation

Jesse Fleming: “Jane the Baptist”

All Day, Thursday, January 25, 2018

ALAC Theatre

Los Angeles-based artist Jesse Fleming presents a sci-fi-techno ecstatic voyage, "Jane the Baptist" installed in the ALAC theatre opening day.

The single channel video takes the viewer through the birth canals of modern automated car washes within Los Angeles County. The view is myopic, brutal, and candy lush with frothy synthetic ooze delivered by an attentive robotic hand. It is unending and internal, providing a transcendent passage to see the extraordinary in the mundane. The original musical score by Miguel de Pedro / kid606 delivers an accompanying tone that is dizzying, with both ascending and descending notes. Together it is a world gone mad but simultaneously beautiful and hypnotic, like a drive down the Sunset Strip. It is, and it will be a good ride. Presented courtesy of Five Car Garage.

Jane the Baptist (still from), 2017 single channel video, color, sound single showing runtime 13:16 minutes loop run time: 53:01 minutes native resolution: 5120x1600 original quadrophonic musical score: Miguel De Pedro (aka Kid 606)


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