Gallery Exhibition

Miyoshi Barosh: LOVE

Gallery Exhibition : January 11 – February 15

Luis De Jesus

2685 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

"The work of art created as a labor of love may sound cynical, yet it is made in good faith and contains a deep utopian wish for social change, no matter how naive and nostalgic that dream is." ~ Miyoshi Barosh

Over the last fifteen years, Miyoshi Barosh made her work with humor and dystopian irony in a style she called "Conceptual Pop." With an emphasis on cultural blindness toward death, decay, and the disintegration of both utopian social constructs, and ultimately the individual body itself, Barosh saw her work as "a manifestation of competing emotions around cultural conceits and identity politics through a handmade carnivalesque, mischievous confrontation." Given her untimely death, her message is made even more poignant, if not tragic, because she lived it.


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