Gallery Exhibition

Tami Demaree: Pictures of the Floating World

Gallery Exhibition : January 11 – February 23


7101 N Figueroa St, Unit E
Los Angeles, CA 90042

In Pictures of the Floating World, Japanese-American Tami Demaree presents a synthesis of her Japanese/Hawaiian heritage in both imagery and process. In Pictures of the Floating World, Demaree has laboriously hand-carved large scale wood works that depict animals from both land and sea in compositions of symmetrical balance, conjuring the “Yin-Yang” concept of dualism in ephemeral states of equilibrium through the gaze of Ornamentalism in the traditions of Japanese and Hawaiian history and culture. The protagonists at center stage in Demaree’s mise-en-scène are set against brightly colored decorative patterns of natural elements, such as flowers and sea kelp in a style that brings to mind an amalgamation of pop cultures 70’s-era wallpaper and black-light art, as well as the ways women have adorned themselves across various traditions throughout human history.


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