Focus Screening on Neil Beloufa (2009 - 2011)

January 18, 2013

Art Los Angeles Contemporary and Francois Ghebaly Gallery present a focused selection of award-winning films by artist Neil Beloufa. Selections include: Kempinski, Untitled, Expert, Lifestyle, Brune Renault, and April 2nd.

Neil Beloufa blurs the expectation of the viewers through his films and sculptures, shuffling meaning by associating opposite signifiers and stereotypes in order to create a new and more honest possible lecture of the work. While never imposing his vision on the viewer, Beloufa always manages to raise political and social questions and leaves the thesis and anti-thesis out front.

Neil Beloufa lives and works between Paris, New York and Los Angeles. He currently has a solo museum show at the Palais de Tokyo. Upcoming projects for 2013 include solos at the Hammer Museum, and Francois Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles, Zero in Milan, and Kunsthaus Innsbrück.

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